MX43 Multi-channel gas detection controller

The successor to Oldham's highly popular MX42, the MX43 multi-channel gas detection controller can be easily adapted to most commercial or industrial applications and can manage up to 32 analog or digital gas detectors. It is highly versatile and offers many advantages, such as exceptional modularity with its numerous options.

  • Available in Wheatstone bridge (mV), analog (4-20 mA), and/or digital (RS485) versions
  • Up to 32 digital or analog gas detectors on eight lines
  • Large graphic LCD and customizable views
  • Numerous possibilities for upgrading (optional additional cards)
  • Possibility of archiving measurements and events on a USB card (optional)
Additional information

Specially designed to be flexible and easy to use, the MX43 multi-channel gas detection controller allows the connection of up to 32 analog or digital gas detectors distributed over eight lines. The device gets fluid menu navigation and easy handling thanks to its large backlit graphic LCD screen, that the user can customize, and its contextual keys.

This multi-channel gas detection unit, available in wall or rack version, can receive three types of gas sensors: mV for explosive gases in Wheatstone bridge version, 4-20 mA (analog) like the OLCT10, CTX300, OLCT100, or any other fixed analog 4-20 mA gas detector on the market and RS485 MODBUS like the OLCT10N series or Oldham iTans2 (proprietary protocol).

Its integrated data logger allows the storage of up to 512 events. A USB port (optional card) allows the backup and archiving of data over several months (2 years for most applications) depending on the recording frequency (from 1 second to 15 minutes per point).

Complementary control systems can be connected to the MX43 gas central unit, such as sirens signals or alarm systems, gas solenoid valves, or any ATEX accessory when the gas detector is installed in a zone ATEX.