MX16 Single-line gas detection controller

Specially designed for applications in laboratories, storage rooms, small boiler rooms, breweries, or battery charging rooms, the MX16 single-line gas detection controller prevents gas risks linked to the toxic, explosive, or asphyxiating gases presence in the ambient air. The main advantages of the gas detection unit are its small size and ease of installation and use.

  • 1 measurement line: 1 analog 4-20 mA or digital RS485 input (proprietary protocol)
  • Easy to use with a large backlit graphic LCD screen
  • 2 alarm relays (Al1, Al2) and 1 fault relay
  • RS485 output Optional Modbus RTU protocol for supervision
  • Excellent price/performance ratio for all types of analog detectors
Additional information

The successor to Oldham's highly successful MX15, the MX16 single-line gas detection unit is ideally suited to small commercial or industrial applications. It is easy to use and configure. It features a large backlit LCD, two configurable alarm relays, memory for the last 512 events, and an optional Modbus RTU output for connection to a supervisor (for instance).

Two different sensors can link with this unit: analog sensors such as the OLCT10, CTX300, OLCT100, or any other analog 4-20 mA fixed gas detector on the market, or digital sensors such as the Oldham OLCT10N series (proprietary protocol).

In addition, the MX16 gas control unit can connect to other controls, such as sirens signals or alarm systems, gas solenoid valves or any ATEX accessory when the gas detector is set up in an ATEX zone.