MX16-O2 Air oxygen monitoring system

The MX16-O2 is a stand-alone oxygen monitoring system that is very easy to use. It is particularly popular in applications using nitrogen: hospitals, analysis laboratories, research centers, universities, or cryogenic applications where a risk of leakage could generate a lack of oxygen in the ambient air.

  • Stand-alone gas detection unit for continuous monitoring of oxygen levels in ambient air
  • Large backlit LCD with the indication of the oxygen concentration in the air
  • 90 dB buzzer and red flashing light in case of oxygen deficiency detection (19%)
  • 2 alarm relays for additional control (siren, alarm report, etc.)
  • Excellent quality/price ratio because no installation is required (delivered with a 3-meter power cable)
Additional information

Delivered ready to use with its 3-meter connection cable, the MX16-O2 air oxygen monitoring system has a large LCD, a powerful buzzer, and a red flashing light to alert in case of danger. Two alarm relays (potential-free) are also available for additional control functions (additional sirens and signals, telephone transmitter, alarm report, gas solenoid valve, etc.).

For better monitoring of incidents, the MX16-O2 oxygen gas controller has a standard function for recording the history of events (alarms, faults, etc.). In addition to the basic functions that are sufficient in most cases, a MODBUS communication card is available as an option for connection to a supervision system.