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With over a hundred years experience and based in Northern France, Oldham – subsidiary of 3M Gas & Flame Detection that also gathers Scott SafetySimtronicsDetcom and GMI – specializes in designing and manufacturing fixed gas detection systems, gas detection controllers and optical flame detectors.

Oldham fixed gas detection systems

Flame & gas detection systems

Recognized worldwide for their quality and reliability, Oldham products are used for many applications: oil and gas industry, offshore exploration and production, petrochemical and food industries, wastewater treatment, automotive sector, pharmaceutical industry, power plants and many others. Almost all of their products are compliant with international standards and regulations.

Oldham fixed gas detectors

A whole range of fixed gas detectors dedicated to various gas monitoring and detection: combustible gases (hydrocarbons, solvents, alcohols), toxic gases, VOC (volatile organic compounds), asphyxiating gases or freons (refrigerant gases). Most of these detectors feature a 4-20 mA linear output and are ATEX approved.  Some more enhanced units also feature – in addition to digital displays – alarm relays or digital communication.

Oldham gas detection controllers

Permanently linked to one or several fixed gas detectors, the gas detection controller is the key unit of any fixed gas detection system. The latest Oldham gas detection controllers are combining performance and user-friendliness with the opportunity to connect digital detectors in series for wiring cost savings…

Oldham optical flame detector

In addition to its large range of fixed gas detectors and gas detection controllers, Oldham also provides optical flame detection devices (UV/IR, IR3, IR4 detectors) via Simtronics, subsidiary of 3M Gas & Flame Detection as well. Every device is ATEX approved and standard-equipped with heated optics (to avoid freezing and steam damages), adjustable sensitivity and communication options (HART®, RS-485 and MODBUS®). 

Oldham BM25 area gas monitor

The Oldham BM25 remains the most known and the most popular area gas monitor on the market. It is widely used in refineries and offshore platforms in France and above all in Africa and in the Middle East countries. It is also used in sanitation facilities and for public works around the world.

OLDHAM / GAZDETECT partnership

Oldham – subsidiary of 3M Gas & Flame Detection – is a longstanding key partner of GazDetect for its large range of fixed gas detectors, gas detection controllers, optical flame detectors and its technical expertise. At GazDetect we take pride in proving highly reliable equipment, service and fast response to our client’s needs; this is why we have a large available stock of Oldham devices and systems ready to be shipped anywhere in the world all year round.

Especially designed for the detection of oxygen, combustible and toxic gases, the OLCT10N digital fixed gas detector ensures reliable and fast concentration levels monitoring. Every information is sent to the gas detection controller in less than a second.

  • Fixed gas detector OLCT10N
  • Detection of CH4, O2, CO, H2S, NO, NO2, NH3.
  • Power supply 12-30 V DC.
  • RS485 Modbus digital signal.
  • Immune to dust and water.
  • ATEX 3 GD, ATEX 2 and 22 approved.
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Digital gas detection controller MX32N

The MX32N digital gas controller is a digital controller and alert management device. As it can be linked to 8 detectors, the MX32N allows monitoring of hazardous gases (combustible, toxic or asphyxiating) in the most demanding environments.

  • Oldham gas detection controller MX32N
  • Two-in-one detector: digital and analog.
  • 1 or 2 independent channels.
  • Continuous monitoring of hazardous gas.
  • 5 alarm thresholds (sound and visual alarms).
  • IP66 protection.

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SIL 2 approved ATEX gas detector to detect the combustible gases (IR or catalytic), CO2 (IR), toxic gases (electrochemical), solvents or freons (semiconductor) and asphyxiating gases (oxygen deficiency).

  • Fixed gas detector OLCT100
  • Detection of hydrocarbons, solvents, toxic gases, freons, VOC, CO2
  • Housing made of aluminium with epoxy paint (optional 316L Stainless Steel version)
  • Outputs: OLC100: Wheatstone bridge – OLCT100: 4-20 mA linear
  • Power supply: 15.5 to 32 VDC
  • ATEX & SIL 2 approved for catalytic and infrared versions
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4-20 mA detector/transmitter with relay outputs and RS485 communication. Pre-calibrated sensors to detect oxygen, flammable and toxic gases.

  • Fixed gas detector OLCT80
  • Detection of O2, CO, CO/H2 NUL, H2S, NO, NO2, SO2, Cl2, H2, HCl, HCN, HF, NH3, ETO, O3, PH3, ClO2, SiH4, COCl2, AsH3, CH4, H2, NH3, VOC
  • Alarms: 2 gas alarms (alarm 1, alarm 2) and 1 fault alarm
  • Inputs and outputs: 4-20 mA with signal smart treatment
  • Approval: ATEX – II 2 GD, INERIS 03ATEX0240X, compliance with EN50270 standard, IP66
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SharpEye optical flame detector

ATEX and SIL 2 approved high performance flame detector (MTBF > 17 years). Different versions adapted to each fire type.

  • Flame detector SharpEye
  • Available in IR3, IR4 and UV-IR versions
  • High immunity to interference radiations
  • Several available outputs: mA, contact relay, RD485, Modbus, Hart
  • Self-check and optics clogging control
  • Compliance with EN54-10 standard – ATEX and SIl 2 approved
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Gas detection controller with 4 or 8 analog and/or digital channels (up to 32 detectors allocated to 8 channels) for monitoring gases in the atmosphere.

  • Fixed gas detection controller MX43
  • Many upgrade opportunities (additional cards)
  • 5 alarm levels
  • 5 fully programmable alarm relays + fault
  • Integrated sounder and visual signal
  • Communication: RS 485, proprietary protocol, 9,600 Baud
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Single-channel gas detection controller – MX15

Especially designed for application in boiler rooms and car parks, the MX15 gas detection controller features an excellent quality/price ratio to monitor gas related hazards.

  • Fixed gas detection controller MX15
  • 4 digit and pictograms LCD display
  • 2 independent and configurable alarm levels
  • Small size and easy to use – DIN rail or wall mounting
  • Independent relays for actuators
  • Possibility to plug 2 OLC10 TWIN detectors
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