OLCT10 Fixed gas detector

Specially designed for applications in boiler rooms or car parks, the OLCT10 fixed gas detector is particularly suitable for monitoring explosive or toxic combustion gases such as CO (carbon monoxide), NO (nitrogen monoxide), and NO2 (nitrogen dioxide). It is a robust, reliable instrument that is very easy to use.

  • Gas detection: explosive gases, CO, NO, NO2
  • Ideal for small boiler rooms and car parks
  • Power supply from 15 to 30 Vdc, linear output 4-20 mA
  • Robust and shock resistant, easy to install and use
  • Excellent value for money
Additional information

The OLCT10 fixed gas detector is a cost-effective solution for small boiler rooms and car parks. When used with Oldham's MX16, MX32, or MX43 gas detection controllers, it meets the requirements of users and current detection standards.

The OLCT10 Twin version allows two explosive gas detectors to be connected in series, reducing costs even further for small boiler room installations.

Detected gases: Methane (CH4) - Hydrogen (H2) - Propane (C3H8) - Butane (C4H10) - Carbon monoxide (CO) - Nitric oxide (NO) - Nitrogen dioxide (NO2)