iTrans2 Fixed gas detector

The iTrans2 fixed gas detector can provide two sensing points on a single head for maximum flexibility with reduced installation costs. Factory pre-calibrated smart sensors automatically feed parameters into the detector, and a sensor life indicator is displayed immediately after each calibration.

  • Detection of explosive gases, hydrocarbons, solvents, toxic or asphyxiating gases
  • Up to 2 sensing points on one head for maximum flexibility
  • Wide choice of clever sensors (electrochemical, catalytic, or semiconductor)
  • Non-intrusive calibration with magnetic switch
  • MODBUS or HART communication protocol for easy remote operation
Additional information

Capable of detecting any gas in a specific environment, the iTrans 2™ uses factory pre-calibrated "smart" cells that automatically send parameters into the sensor. A cell life indicator is displayed immediately after each calibration.

A simple magnet activates the iTrans2's non-intrusive interface buttons allowing complete transmitter configuration and calibration without opening the device's explosion-proof enclosure. This function is a particularly attractive benefit in ATEX areas.

Detected gases: Carbon monoxide (CO) - Nitric oxide (NO) - Ammonia (NH3) - Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) - Sulfur dioxide (SO2) - Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) - Chlorine (Cl2) - Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) - Hydrogen cyanide (HCN) - Oxygen (O2) - Methane (CH4) - Hydrogen chloride (HCl) - Phosphine (PH3) - Hydrogen (H2) - Carbon dioxide (CO2)