GD1 H2S laser detection barrier

The GD1 H2S laser detection barrier, which can replace many point gas detectors, is an innovative and relevant solution for detecting hydrogen sulfide over long distances. Optical and mechanical designs ensure fast response, long shelf life, excellent stability, and low maintenance and operating costs.

  • Long-range linear H2S detection barrier (from 5 to 75 meters) with near-instantaneous response tim
  • Detection in the harshest weather conditions thanks to heated optics (transmitter and receiver)
  • Lifetime factory calibration, no on-site recalibration required
  • ATEX certified and compatible with SIL2 systems
  • Linear 4-20 mA output and HART protocol as standard
Additional information

The GD1 H2S laser detection barrier uses a tunable laser diode for long-range and high reliability. It does not require any recalibration and can replace a large number of hydrogen sulfide fixed gas detectors. ATEX-certified and compatible with SIL2 systems, the GD1 is insensitive to atmospheric disturbances (sun, rain, fog, etc.) and uses a specific absorption line that eliminates all interferences with other compounds.

The microprocessor-controlled system features self-diagnosis and fault detection. Thanks to its robust IP66 and IP67-certified design and wide operating temperature range from -55 to +65°C, the H2S GD1 laser detection barrier can be set in all climatic conditions. It operates in many industrial applications, including offshore platforms, petrochemical sites, gas and oil pipelines, and the water treatment and sewage sector.