Surveyor SV4B flammable gas measuring controller

The Surveyor SV4B controller is a DIN rail module without a display dedicated to flammable gas leaks monitoring in the ambient air. Ideal for very small boiler rooms, load rooms, or for limited investments, it can be easily integrated into any existing cabinet or control box reducing installation costs.

  • Flammable gas detection module for use with Oldham Wheatstone bridge series only (OLC10 or OLC100)
  • Symmetrical DIN rail mounting (omega rail) for enclosure or control cabinet integration
  • 1 measurement channel for one OLC10 or 2 OLC10 TWIN detectors
  • 2 alarm levels: Alarm1, Alarm2+ fault
  • Excellent value for money
Additional information

The Surveyor SV4B controller is a single-channel flammable gas detection unit that can be connected to an OLC10 or OLC100 sensor or two OLC10 TWIN sensors. It has two potential-free alarm relays for the servo-controls (sound and/or light signals, gas solenoid valves, etc.) and the acknowledgment of these can be manual or automatic.