Connected detectors

The iNet® solutions are simple and powerful ways to manage and follow your portable gas detection fleet. This service provides a fundamental analysis of devices (alarm duration, behaviors, gas calibration follow up…) to ensure workers maximal safety against gas hazards.

Managing a gas detection fleet is complex! Devices have to be maintained, periodically checked, and serviced (filter or gas detection sensor replacement). The iNet® solutions, iNet® Exchange and iNet® Control software are particularly adapted to manage all of these issues at a fixed cost.

iNet® solutions: gas detection aLL INCLUSIVE solution

iNet® Exchange:

iNet® Exchange is a subscription-based service that includes gas detector repair, replacement and servicing. It greatly simplifies every gas detection program: device availability, cost and ownership.

With the iNet® Exchange solution, all of your gas detectors are functional and operational:

  • Dynamic replacement of your devices, usually within 48 hours
  • No additional purchase (replacement device, spare parts, calibration gas)
  • Warranty return time saving

No unexpected expense on your gas detectors:

  • No initial investment to implement iNet®Exchange.
  • Fixed monthly cost
  • No additional purchase to automatically receive replacement devices

iNet® Control:

iNet® Control is a management and follow up software for your gas detection fleet. Part of the iNet® solutions softwares, it provides a view on your devices, users' behavior from anywhere and on many supports (computer, tablet, smartphone). Access to iNet® Control is included without additional cost.

Follow up and reduction of the everyday hazards your people face

  • Easily readable alarm event summary reports including time, location and users
  • Track alarm event trends over time with customizable graphs.
  • Review and filter stored data by instrument, user, or alarm event
  • Receive tailored summary reports based on the data that matters most

Direct view on how gas detectors are being used to take appropriate corrective action

  • Monitor each gas detector use and worker's behavior
  • Assess how users react during alarm events
  • View full data records to see which hazards workers are exposed to

Easy maintenance of gas detection equipment and compliance management

  • Set schedules for bump tests and calibrations
  • Easily readable bump test or calibration certificates

iNet® Now :

iNet® Now is a live monitoring software that provides real-time e-mail and mobile text messages to alert of any gas hazard event, panic or man down situation. This iNet® solution allows you to quickly see and take appropriate corrective actions during incidents. A map also shows the location of users.

Real-time verification of workers' status and location

  • Real-time workers location and gas exposure follow up
  • Immediate alert notifications for better reactivity (high alert situation, man in distress)

Gas detection program improvement

  • Creation of equipment groups for devices live monitoring
  • Safety incident reporting with real-time follow up
  • Map localization thanks to the LENS™ Wireless technology

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