Supplied air respirator system - Atmosphere supplying respirators

The supplied air systems are respiratory protective equipment offering the highest level of safety. They belong to the same family as self-contained breathing apparatus and are particularly suitable for long-term work in hostile, oxygen-poor or highly toxic environments. They come in two categories : a constant flow device (EN 14594 standard), which can use a large range of facepieces and supplied air respirators with on demand valve adapted for interventions in confined spaces (EN14593-1 standard).

Supplied air systems with constant flow or on demand valve
  1. The X-Plore 9300 is an air supply system offering constant airflow to its user. Specifically designed for light industrial applications, this device provides ease of use and enhanced safety. It can be matched with many different facepieces (such as full face masks, short or long hoods, welding helmets, etc.)

    • Constant flow air supply system with patented flow reducer and auto-test function
    • Modular and versatile with many face pieces available depending on the type of application
    • Robust device with zone 1 compliant antistatic material
    • Inlet pressure range from 3 to 10 bar
    • Economical maintenance, ease of service and reduced costs
  2. The PAS X-Plore is a compressed air supply respirator with an on demand valve, similar to a self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA). It’s adapted and recommended for interventions in confined spaces and conforms to the EN 14593-1 standard for compressed air supply SCBA with on demand valve and full face mask.

    • Compressed air supply mask with an on demand valve for interventions in confined spaces
    • Equipped with a patented flow reducer and a built-in self-test function that automatically activates at the time of starting
    • Flow regulator with warning whistle
    • Robust, solid and easy to use
    • Optimal use comfort
  3. The RAS Asbestos supplied air mask is a positive pressure breathing apparatus that offers an unmatched level of protection against asbestos. This solution increases freedom of movement by allowing the user to enter and exit the workplace with a filter when disconnecting the breathing air device.

    • Air supply mask for asbestos removal (level 3 asbestos) and all paint spraying works
    • Design studied for asbestos removal ( easier access to decontamination airlocks & easy exit from dangerous areas)
    • Warning whistle in case of danger of breathing air supply
    • Automatic activation on first breath
    • P3SL filter in addition to the breathing air supply

  4. The DUCT A ECO is a fresh air respirator that draws clean air through an electric motor outside the work area. It is a simple, fully self-contained process requiring no special training. It has been designed for use in environments with lack of oxygen or in confined spaces such as tanks, reservoirs, silos, wells, sewers, etc.

    • Outdoor fresh air respirator, without compressed air cylinder or breathing air compressor
    • Simple and economical solution requiring no special training or special skills
    • Air supply hose: up to 60 m for one wearer, 30 m for two wearers
    • Compatible with RD DIN 40 masks following EN 148-1
    • Approvals EN 138 : 1994 & EU regulation 2016/425
  5. The PAS breathing air purifying unit has been designed to efficiently purify all air supplies of the supplied air respirators. It allows the removal of solid and liquid particles, including vapors and oil odors. However, the use of these terminals requires that the air, upstream, complies with the EN12021 standard.

    • Air purifying unit for supplied air system, wall mounting or portable version with 3 stands for high stability
    • Equipped with a coalescing filter (solid and liquid particles), an activated carbon filter and a condensate tank
    • Air pressure manually adjustable by the user via the filter
    • Polyethylene case makes the filter unit robust and stable
    • Compatible with the full range of PAS breathing air devices
  6. Designed to carry up to four compressed air cylinders, the PAS AirPack 1 breathing air trolley is the ideal and convenient solution for any operator who needs to use a supplied air device during extended period while keeping a high degree of mobility. Its robust material allows it to be used in difficult environments.

    • 2 or 4-cylinder breathing air trolley for supplied air systems for one or two users
    • Ideal solution for long-term operations (tank cleaning)
    • Compatible with 6 to 9-liter cylinders at 200 or 300 bar
    • Made of steel with an anti-static epoxy coating
    • Hose reel with brake mechanism

Supplied Air Systems 

Supplied air systems - or RAS for Respiratory Airline System - are self-contained breathing apparatus that do not require the wearer to carry the compressed air cylinder. They have the classic SCBA harness, except that the expansion is only on one level, a full face mask connected to the harness and an air source that can come from a breathing air compressor or a breathing air trolley.

Supplied-air systems are the highest level of respiratory protection in long-term use and are used in a wide range of industrial applications including work in confined spaces (tanks, pits, sewer, crawl spaces etc.), painting, asbestos removal or tank cleaning.

The different sources of air supply

From the bottom of the harness, an air supply hose ( classic or antistatic for work in an ATEX environment) is connected via an anti-pull-out system for optimal safety. These hoses are available in various lengths and can be connected to each other to reach a maximum length of 60m (depending on the number of users).

Breathing air compressor

Two sources of breathing air are available for air-supplied systems. The first and most popular source of supply air is the breathing air compressor, systematically coupled with a breathing air filtration unit (CO, CO2, NOx, water and oil vapors filtration). This solution provides a theoretically unlimited quantity of breathing air.

Breathing air trolley

The second source of breathing air is the breathing air trolley on which one or more compressed air cylinders. It is a very versatile and practical device for outdoor interventions. It is equipped with a release system (first release) and allows the replacement of empty cylinders even during use.

Periodic inspection of supplied air systems  

All the components that make up the air supply system are class 3 personal protection equipment (disabling or fatal risks). They are subject to an annual periodic check (mandatory) in compliance with regulations and standards relating to respiratory protection equipment.

With a new generation laboratory and a team of qualified and trained technicians for the control and periodic verifications of class 3 PPE, GazDetect offers a whole range of services adapted to each particular need.

A certificate of conformity is systematically provided with the verified devices. It is also available on our intranet via our secure My GazDetect application. The simple and user-friendly interface allows you to know in one glance which appliances need to be checked.