Breathing air quality analysis - Standard NF EN 12021

Analysis of breathing air quality is essential in industrial air networks. Standard NF EN 12021 specifies requirements for compressed air quality intended for respiratory use. In industry, the limit values imposed by this standard must be respected whenever personnel features with breathing apparatus (air-supply systems, self-contained breathing apparatus, breathing air carts)

Breathing air quality analysis - NF EN 12021 standard
  1. The HORA 130 is a breathing air measurement case for mobile respiratory protection units such as asbestos removal or pollution control sites. It continuously analyzes CO, CO2, O2, hygrometry (dew point under pressure), and oil vapors in compliance with standard NF EN 12021 and by ETST Order 1309168A of April 8, 2013.

    • Continuous measurement of breathing air quality in compliance with EN 12021 standard, and ETST Order 1309168A of April 8, 2013 (asbestos removal)
    • Continuous indication of CO, CO2, O2, humidity and oil vapors on monochrome display
    • Set automatic humidity alarm threshold as a function of temperature
    • Measurement traceability and archiving on SD card
    • Alarm triggering on power failure (with AL12)
  2. Housed in a sturdy, rigid rubber case and powered by an internal battery, the Airskid AL12 alarm report is an electrical and pneumatic alarm indicator for monitoring any anomaly or alarm generated by a breathing air analysis system. It features a flashing light, an audible alarm, and a low-pressure pneumatic whistle.

    • Remote electrical and pneumatic alarm systems for breathing air controllers to warn users when they are away from the control unit
    • Electrical alarm: disconnection from analysis unit, alarm thresholds exceeded, PLC cycle fault
    • Pneumatic alarm: network pressure below 5.5 bar
    • Power supply from datalogger
    • Supplied with 10-meter cable
  3. The MicroVAR 350 was developed specifically for monitoring the breathing air quality in fixed or mobile air production plants. It continuously analyzes CO, CO2, O2, humidity, and oil vapors in compliance with standard NF EN 12021. It is available in a 19" metal or wheeled case for worksites.

    • Continuous measurement of breathing air quality in compliance with EN 12021 standard and the decree of April 08, 2013 (asbestos removal)
    • Continuous display of CO, CO2, O2, humidity, and oil vapors on the color screen
    • Continuous cell flow control
    • Measurement traceability and archiving on SD card
    • Available in case, deck, or 19'' case
  4. The VAR 18 is an air quality monitor dedicated to breathing air distribution networks. Supplied in a wheeled case or in a 19" metallic box, the VAR 18 allows to permanently check CO, CO2, O2, hygrometry, oil vapors and dust particles in order to be in conformity with the NF EN 12021 & AREVA standard.

    • Breathing air quality analyzer complying with NF EN12021 (standard for compressed air meant to be used in self-contained breathing apparatus)
    • Continuous measurement of CO, CO2, O2, hygrometry, oil vapors and dusts
    • Traceability of data, alarms, calibrations over a period of 10 years 
    • Available in 19'' rack version or reinforced case on wheels
    • 7'' touch screen LCD display, configurable thresholds

  5. Easy to use, Airtec tubes represent a simple and accurate method for controlling and analyzing compressed air in breathing air cylinders (self-contained breathing apparatus, supplied air systems, scuba diving cylinders, etc.). They measure carbon oxides (CO and CO2), nitrogen oxides (NO and NO2), water and oil vapors.

    • Control and analysis of compressed breathing air: CO, CO2, NO, NO2, water and oil vapors
    • A practical and light case for analysis directly on site
    • Simple and fast, a few minutes are enough for the measurement
    • Connection via a pressure reducer to avoid losses
    • Convenient and economical measuring method

  6. In accordance with the EN12021 standard for compressed breathing air quality, the Dräger Aerotest systems allow monitoring the quality of compressed breathing air on low pressure (Aerotest Alpha) or high pressure (Aerotest Simultan HP) networks. They are connected directly and simply to the air network via a G 5/8 connector.

    • Control and detection of various potentially hazardous substances in compressed air according to EN12021
    • Quantitative measurement of CO, CO2, water, and oil vapor by reagent tubes
    • Simple and fast operation (measurement time 5 minutes)
    • Practical, lightweight carrying case for on-site analysis
    • Dräger oil impactor for monitoring oil aerosols

Standard NF EN 12021 governs the analysis and control of some specific parameters such as carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), oxygen content (O2), hygrometry (water content in breathable air), oil vapors (volatile organic compounds) and impurities (dust).

Polluant Prescription
Oxygen 21% (+/- 1%)
Impuritities < national exposure limit
Lubricants 0.5 mg/m³ 
Odor and taste Absence 
Carbon dioxide CO2 500 ppm
Carbon monoxide CO 5 ppm
Water content (*) Dew point < 5°C at lowest expected ambient temperature


* There must be no liquid water or risk of frost. If operating conditions are unknown, the system dew point must not exceed -11°C.