Self-rescue masks, SCBA, emergency escape

Self-rescuer and emergency SCBA masks are self-contained breathing apparatuses for emergency evacuation in non-breathable, oxygen-poor, or extremely toxic environments. Unlike filtering devices, they provide breathable air. There are two main categories: closed-circuit devices, which consist of breathing one's own rebreathed exhaled air in a loop (rescuers), and self-contained open-circuit devices, which are self-contained breathing apparatuses for evacuation, such as SCBA.

Our self-contained emergency escape breathing apparatus
  1. The self-contained chemical oxygen self-rescuer OXY SR30 (30-minute autonomy) or OXY SR60 (60-minute autonomy) is an emergency escape breathing apparatus that enables the wearer to breathe both in cases of oxygen deficiency and in the presence of dangerous toxic substances. Two service life options are available: 5 or 10 years maintenance-free.

    • 30- or 60-minute self-rescue masks for emergency evacuation in heavily polluted environments
    • Antistatic materials for extra protection in sensitive environments
    • Service life: 5 or 10 years without maintenance or special reconditioning
    • Status indicator, with integrated humidity indicator
    • Compliant with BS EN 13794:2002
  2. The M20.2 self-rescue mask - well known by users who take wastewater treatment training - is the smallest and the lightest autonomous device on the market. Compact and ergonomic, it can be worn without discomfort on the belt and is popular for emergency escape in confined spaces, in sanitation and water treatment.

    • Self-rescue compressed oxygen mask for emergency evacuations in confined spaces or highly polluted environments
    • The most compact and lightest self-contained evacuation device on the market with a weight of less than 1 kg
    • Duration of use : 15 years with reconditioning every 5 years
    • Duration of use in escape / standby: 15-20 minutes / 32 minutes
    • Fast set-up time, less than 10 seconds
  3. The EBA 6.5 is a high autonomy self-rescuer using compressed oxygen as a source rather than generating oxygen from chemical products. The delivery system allows the user to immediately inhale the oxygen contained in the device for 90 minutes autonomy while working and up to 8 hours at rest.

    • Self-rescue masks for emergency evacuation with high autonomy of compressed oxygen
    • Breathing air autonomy : 90 minutes while working and up to 8 hours while at rest
    • Activation / deactivation by opening a valve
    • Set-up time under 15 seconds
    • Light and handy with a weight of 4.2 kg

  4. Specifically designed for emergency situations, the Saver CF SCBA is an ideal solution for evacuation from tainted or poor oxygen environments. Easy to put on and automatic, this hooded self-contained breathing apparatus has a constant flow breathing device to provide 10 or 15 minutes of breathable air depending on the model. It requires only minimal training to operate.

    • Constant flow breathing apparatus for emergency evacuation from contaminated or oxygen deficient environments
    • Breathing device with compressed air cylinder and hood with wide field of vision
    • Available in two versions: 10 or 15 minutes of autonomy in breathing air
    • Easy to install, simple of use and automatic start
    • Minimum maintenance, window to view the status of the device
  5. The SK 1203 is an antistatic emergency escape breathing device (ATEX) designed for ease of installation, combined with optimal respiratory protection. With an autonomy of 15 minutes, it is composed of a hood with a half mask stored in a transport case whose opening automatically activates the breathing air supply.

    • Constant flow self-contained breathing apparatus for emergency evacuations in presence of smoke from fire or lack of oxygen
    • Compressed air cylinder 2 liters 300 bar for a breathing air autonomy of 15 minutes
    • Easy to use, automatically activated when the hood is removed from the bag
    • Minimum maintenance, window allowing to visualize the state of the device
    • Conforms to EN 1146-2005 standard and ATEX certified

Self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) and rescue masks are self-contained breathing apparatuses dedicated to emergency evacuation from environments known as "unbreathable", oxygen-poor, or tremendously toxic. They are used only in this specific context (emergency escape) and never to intervene on-site or to rescue a person in difficulty.

Self-rescuing masks

Self-rescuing masks are self-contained closed-circuit breathing apparatuses (SCBA) specifically designed for emergency evacuation in oxygen-poor, smoke-filled or toxic environments. They are an integral part of CATEC® training (Certificat d'Aptitude au Travail en Espace Confiné - Certificate of Ability to Work in Confined Spaces) where they are highly recommended, or even required in some situations such as in mines, tunnels, sanitation, and water treatment. There are two main categories of self-rescue masks:

Chemical oxygen self-rescue masks

Chemical oxygen self-rescuers use a KO2 (potassium superoxide) cartridge that chemically reacts with exhaled air in a bag (lung) to produce oxygen. Moisture combined with carbon dioxide from the exhaled air generates a chemical reaction of KO2, while carbon dioxide is bound. This chemical reaction releases oxygen into the breathing bag to be inhaled by the wearer.

Compressed Oxygen Self-Rescuer Masks

Compressed oxygen self-rescuers use a different principle. The air exhaled by the wearer is collected in a breathing bag, and a compressed oxygen cylinder will make up the difference between the oxygen-depleted exhaled air and the newly breathable air. A lithium hydroxide bed filtrates the CO2 in the exhaled air making it clean and breathable.

Emergency or evacuation SCBA

Particularly simple, easy, and quick to use, emergency or evacuation SCBAs provide breathing air for a specific period, allowing emergency evacuation from a contaminated or unbreathable (oxygen-deficient) area in complete safety. Unlike self-rescue masks, SCBAs are not single-use devices.

They are "mini" SCBAs condensed into a carry bag. Opening the bag releases the air instantaneously from the compressed air cylinder (via a pin system). Then take and put on the hood, and breathe properly while escaping from the hazardous zone. Then recharge the compressed air cylinder at an authorized service center. The device is operational again!

Periodic inspection of Class 3 PPE

Self-rescue masks and SCBAs are class 3 personal protective equipment (equipment that protects against severe and fatal risks). They are exposed to a yearly periodic check, like all class 3 PPE. This service can be carried out on-site or on our premises in Vert Saint Denis.

The class 3 PPE inspection must be carried out at least once a year. Each verification takes into account different criteria of conformity. In addition to its proper operation or integrity, the manufacturer's authorized technician checks the general condition of the device. You can find a certificate of compliance provided with the device. It is also available on our secure MyGazDetect application.