EBA 6.5 High autonomy evacuation self-rescuer

The EBA 6.5 is a high autonomy self-rescuer using compressed oxygen as a source rather than generating oxygen from chemical products. The delivery system allows the user to immediately inhale the oxygen contained in the device for 90 minutes autonomy while working and up to 8 hours at rest.

  • Self-rescue masks for emergency evacuation with high autonomy of compressed oxygen
  • Breathing air autonomy : 90 minutes while working and up to 8 hours while at rest
  • Activation / deactivation by opening a valve
  • Set-up time under 15 seconds
  • Light and handy with a weight of 4.2 kg
Additional information

The EBA 6.5 high autonomy self-rescuer is a closed circuit breathing apparatus. The air exhaled by the wearer is retreated and then rebreathed. The oxygen-deficient exhaled air is enriched by an additional supply from the compressed oxygen cylinder, while the CO2 (carbon dioxide) contained in the exhaled air is trapped and stored in the tank.

The robust, transparent housing allows the wearer to quickly and precisely assess the status of the device. The self-rescuer's oxygen delivery system allows the wearer to inhale breathing air immediately when put on and the supply can vary from 1.5 L/min continuous flow to 100 L/min on demand.

The EBA 6.5 high autonomy self-rescuer is especially popular in the mining sector. Like self-contained breathing apparatus or supplied-air systems, the self-rescuer SSR 30/100 provides breathing air that is completely independent of the outside air.