Rescue SCBA - Saver CF emergency evacuation device

Specifically designed for emergency situations, the Saver CF SCBA is an ideal solution for evacuation from tainted or poor oxygen environments. Easy to put on and automatic, this hooded self-contained breathing apparatus has a constant flow breathing device to provide 10 or 15 minutes of breathable air depending on the model. It requires only minimal training to operate.

  • Constant flow breathing apparatus for emergency evacuation from contaminated or oxygen deficient environments
  • Breathing device with compressed air cylinder and hood with wide field of vision
  • Available in two versions: 10 or 15 minutes of autonomy in breathing air
  • Easy to install, simple of use and automatic start
  • Minimum maintenance, window to view the status of the device
Additional information

The Saver CF SCBA is a self-contained compressed air breathing apparatus specifically designed for situations requiring escape from a contaminated or oxygen deficient area. It is available in 2 versions with a 10 or 15 minute breathing air cylinder. It is a kind of self-contained breathing apparatus but only dedicated to emergency evacuation situations.

Easy to put on and apply, the Saver CF emergency escape device is easily worn on the shoulder or across the shoulder. Its fireproof hood has been specially designed to fit all body types, including people wearing glasses and/or a beard. Equipped with a large visor, this hood offers a large field of vision to its wearer.

Compact and lightweight, the Saver CF is easy to attach to a wall or any strategic location to facilitate evacuation from a risky area. It is suitable for industrial and marine environments and complies with current standards for compressed air emergency escape breathing apparatus (EN 400).

Due to its unique design, the Saver CF SCBA requires minimal maintenance. A transparent side window allows the user to quickly and safely check the cylinder pressure gauge without having to open the device. It is available with either a soft bag or a hard case and a version with antistatic envelopes is available for use in explosive atmospheres (ATEX zone). An integrated alarm whistle alerts the wearer in case of low autonomy.