M20.2 self-rescue mask (evacuation in confined spaces)

The M20.2 self-rescue mask - well known by users who take wastewater treatment training - is the smallest and the lightest autonomous device on the market. Compact and ergonomic, it can be worn without discomfort on the belt and is popular for emergency escape in confined spaces, in sanitation and water treatment.

  • Self-rescue compressed oxygen mask for emergency evacuations in confined spaces or highly polluted environments
  • The most compact and lightest self-contained evacuation device on the market with a weight of less than 1 kg
  • Duration of use : 15 years with reconditioning every 5 years
  • Duration of use in escape / standby: 15-20 minutes / 32 minutes
  • Fast set-up time, less than 10 seconds
Additional information

The M20.2 emergency escape self-rescue mask can be worn without discomfort on the belt or stored in a wall-mounted waterproof case. It is a self-contained closed-circuit breathing apparatus using a compressed oxygen delivery system that activates automatically when the apparatus is removed from its case.

The on-demand flow regulator allows the user to breathe immediately from the device when put on and provides up to 100 liters of oxygen flow at high work rates. A pressure gauge on the case provides a quick and easy assessment of the amount of oxygen remaining.

Well known by those who follow wastewater treatment training, the M20.2 self-rescue mask is an escape device that, like SCBAs and supplied-air systems, provides breathable air totally independent of the outside air. It is widely used in sanitation, waste treatment and for all emergency situations in confined spaces (sewers, manholes, etc.)