Chemical oxygen self-rescuers OXY SR30 & OXY SR60

The self-contained chemical oxygen self-rescuer OXY SR30 (30-minute autonomy) or OXY SR60 (60-minute autonomy) is an emergency escape breathing apparatus that enables the wearer to breathe both in cases of oxygen deficiency and in the presence of dangerous toxic substances. Two service life options are available: 5 or 10 years maintenance-free.

  • 30- or 60-minute self-rescue masks for emergency evacuation in heavily polluted environments
  • Antistatic materials for extra protection in sensitive environments
  • Service life: 5 or 10 years without maintenance or special reconditioning
  • Status indicator, with integrated humidity indicator
  • Compliant with BS EN 13794:2002
Additional information

The OXY SR30 and OXY SR60 chemical oxygen self-rescuers are closed-circuit emergency evacuation devices with long autonomy ranging from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the model, with immediate activation of the choke when set up. The oxygen-poor air exhaled into the breathing bag is regenerated chemically with potassium peroxide (KO2). The carbon dioxide (CO2) also contained in the exhaled air is captured and stored.

They are quick and easy to handle, even in extreme situations, and can be carried for up to 10 years without requiring any maintenance. A status indicator lets you instantly check that the device is in good condition without any tools needed. A neck strap ensures intuitive, easy adjustment, while a chest strap keeps the device close to the body for optimum mobility.

The OXY SR30 or OXY SR60 self-rescue mask features a comfortable mouthpiece, nose clip, and eye protection. Its antistatic materials offer extra protection in electrostatic discharge-sensitive environments. They are the preferred choice for emergency evacuation in confined spaces (see CATEC training), for use in tunnels, mines, public works, or sanitation and water treatment sectors. Like self-contained breathing apparatus or supplied air respirator system, they provide breathing air independent of outside air.