Combustion controllers and analyzers

Combustion analyzers monitor precisely the gas emissions produced by any device running on fossil fuel (gas, oil, gasoline, coal, wood, pellets, etc.). Accurate and easy to use, they measure oxygen (O2) or excess air, CO (carbon monoxide), Nox (nitrogen monoxide and dioxide) and SO2 (sulfur dioxide). 

Our range of combustion analyzers

Combustion analysis for optimum efficiency

Fixed or portable, combustion analyzers allow to optimize the combustion efficiency and to limit the emissions. They are popular for commissioning, adjustments, maintenance and certification of boiler rooms or thermal installations. They are becoming more and more essential to face environmental and economic constraints with a proper control of energy prices.

From the simple carbon monoxide analyzer for the control of exhaust gases from handling equipment in confined spaces (such as gas-powered forklifts) to more sophisticated models that also analyze NOx (nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide), sulfur dioxide (SO2) and oxygen content (O2), you will find high-performance professional equipment in this category.