OLCT10N Digital Gas Detector

Specifically designed to detect the most common gas encountered in the light industry or the tertiary sector, the OLCT10N digital gas detector has been developed to be connected in series with Oldham units only. It detects explosive gases (butane, propane, methane, hydrogen), CO, CO2, H2S, NH3, NO, and NO2.

  • RS485 Modbus proprietary digital signal gas detector
  • Available in electrochemical, catalytic, or infrared (CO2) versions
  • IP65 protection rating making it water and dustproof
  • Excellent value for money with substantial wiring savings
  • Automatic calibration without opening the housing
Additional information

Designed to be used in digital connection with the Oldham MX16, MX32, and MX43 control units, the OLCT10N gas detector is particularly suitable for small gas detection installations (up to 32 sensors) in universities, laboratories, car parks, boiler rooms, wine cellars or breweries.

The OLCT10N digital transmitter is connected in series, providing a reliable and fast response time, which is a great advantage in terms of wiring savings. Depending on the density of the target gas or the application, the detector will be placed either at floor level, ceiling level or at the potential gas emission source.

It has no display, and automatic non-intrusive calibration does not require housing opening. However, manual calibration is possible by opening the housing. After each sensor replacement, the operator has to perform a calibration. As an option, this digital gas detector can be supplied with a calibration kit.