Honeywell TouchPoint Plus Gas detection system

The TouchPoint Plus gas detection system has an ergonomic and modular design and can manage up to 16 gas detectors. The TouchPoint Plus offers a wide range of input/output modules, a large, intuitive color touch screen, and an SD card for data recording and archiving.

  • Support for eight gas detectors (16 with the expansion module)
  • User interface with large 17.7" touch screen, IP65, NEMA 4X
  • Built-in battery backup for continuous operation
  • Self-diagnosis and system reports
  • Measurement recording and archiving on SD card
Additional information

Built around its intuitive and ergonomic touch screen and designed to operate in multiple industries, the modular architecture of the Honeywell TouchPoint Plus gas detection system allows for easy customization of the system configuration and settings to best suit each application.

The TouchPoint Plus controller can connect two types of sensors: mV for explosive gases in a Wheatstone bridge version such as the SensePoint Zareba or 4-20 mA (analog) such as the Series 3000, Optima Plus, or any other fixed analog 4-20 mA gas detector on the market such as the CTX300 or Oldham OLCT100.

Other controls can be connected to the gas detection system TouchPoint Plus (sirens or signals, gas solenoid valves, ATEX accessories, etc.).