UNIPOINT DIN-rail mounted gas detection module

The Unipoint is a DIN-rail mounted gas detection module, offering integrators a flexible and cost-effective solution for incorporating explosive, toxic, or oxygen gas detection into their control systems. This module can be easily integrated into any existing control cabinet or box, reducing installation costs.

  • 1-channel control module - DIN rail mounting
  • Two versions are available: mV for Honeywell flammable gas detectors / 4-20mA for most analog detectors
  • Supply voltage: 18-32 Vdc on the same supply bus
  • 3 configurable relays 3 A / 240 Vac + 1 internal fault relay
  • Backlit display (measurement, events, calibration instructions)
Additional information

The Unipoint is a flexible and economical gas detection module that can be easily integrated into an existing cabinet, without any additional cost, via a special plug supplied with the central unit. Mounted on a DIN rail, it makes it possible to integrate gas detectors directly into control systems.

Linking several modules together permits the small to medium-sized monitoring solutions to be realized. Each module integrates audiovisual alarms, three programmable relays for servo-controls (sirens and signals, gas solenoid valves, etc.), a fault relay, and a logic input to deactivate the alarm without opening the cabinet or the control panel.

Two versions are available:

  • A Wheatstone bridge version in mV for Honeywell flammable gas detectors like the SensePoint Zareba
  • A 4-20 mA version for a range of gas detectors of all brands, such as the OLCT10 or the CTX300 from Oldham