ATEX CleanSpace Ex PAPR mask

The CleanSpace EX power system is an intrinsically safe ATEX PAPR mask for applications in flammable or potentially explosive atmospheres. Available with P3, A2-P3, ABEK1-P3, or AX-P2 (against volatile organic compounds) filtration, the CleanSpace Ex is currently the only ATEX powered air purifying device able to filter VOCs!

  • Compact ATEX powered air purifying unit with filter and battery integrated into the engine block
  • AirSensit technology with airflow adaptation to the wearer's breathing for unmatched comfort
  • Great freedom of movement without the risk of snagging
  • 8-hour battery life with a charging time of less than 2 hours
  • 4 types of filters P3, A2-P3, ABEK1-P3 and AX-P2 (against VOCs)
Additional information

The ATEX CleanSpace Ex powered air purifying unit consists of a half or full-face mask that clips onto an ultra-lightweight motor worn around the neck and containing the filter and battery. With no cables, hoses, or belt attachments, it offers users freedom of movement without the risk of snagging. It can also be easily combined with other PPE (hard hats, welding bonnets, hazmat suits, safety harnesses, etc.).

Combined with the AX-P2 CleanSpace filter, the CleanSpace Ex ATEX PAPR offers efficient protection against fine solid or liquid particles and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emanating from solvents with a boiling point of 65°C or less (such as acetone, methanol or methyl bromide). It is currently the only ATEX powered air purifying device capable of filtering VOCs! It is widely used in ATEX zones, particularly in refineries, gas pipelines, storage depots (solvents, alcohols, paints), printing plants, chemical industries, or mining.

Founded in 2009 by a team of biomedical engineers, CleanSpace offers customized ventilated masks adapted to the wearer's respiratory needs based on the adaptation of airflow to the wearer's breathing rhythm for unparalleled comfort. Several models are available to meet the specific needs of each application. Industrial maintenance, chemical handling, or decontamination sectors turn to the CleanSpace Ultra ventilated mask. The Cleanspace Pro respirator is suitable for most applications in the tertiary sector, industry, or waste treatment. The CleanSpace Halo breathing mask is for the health sector, laboratories, or the agri-food sector.