CleanSpace Halo Breathing mask

The CleanSpace Halo breathing mask is a powered air purifying respirator specifically designed for the healthcare, laboratory and food industries. Equipped with a high performance HEPA filter, it offers the highest level of protection on the market with 99.97% filtration efficiency against fine solid or liquid particles, aerosols, viruses or bacteria.

  • ALL-IN-ONE powered ventilation system with HEPA fine particle filter and integrated battery in the motor block
  • Specifically adapted for the health sector, sterile laboratories or the food industry
  • Hygienic and hypoallergenic medical silicone half-mask, available in 3 sizes
  • Patented micro-turbine toroidal motor generating an airflow up to 230 l/min
  • Compatible and suitable for decontamination and sterilization procedures
Additional information

The CleanSpace Halo breathing mask is an innovative air purifying respirator that automatically adjusts airflow to the user's breathing for unparalleled comfort. With no belt-attached devices (cables, hoses or batteries), it offers freedom of movement without the risk of snagging and is compatible with standard hospital PPE (gowns, gowns, face shields, etc.).

With the highest airflow rate on the market (up to 230 l/min), the CleanSpace Halo breathing mask offers the highest level of respiratory protection available. It is equipped with a HEPA CleanSpace filter (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter against very fine solid or liquid particles, aerosols, viruses and bacteria, particularly popular in the health sector (hospitals, research laboratories, veterinary clinics, etc.) or the food industry (preparation workshops, protective atmospheres, etc.).

CleanSpace is an Australian company specializing in the supply of innovative, high-performance respirators based on the adaptation of airflow to the wearer's breathing rhythm for unparalleled comfort. Several models are available to meet the specific needs of each application. The industrial maintenance, chemical products handling, or the de-pollution sector turn to the CleanSpace Ultra ventilated mask. While the Cleanspace Pro breathing mask meets the needs of most applications in the tertiary sector, industry, or waste treatment. The classified areas (refineries, storage of solvents, alcohols or paints, printing works, chemical industries, etc.) applications will prefer the powered air purifying mask CleanSpace Ex ATEX.