CleanSpace powered air mask filters

CleanSpace filters cover a wide range of applications from the P3/HEPA filter against fine particles, aerosols, viruses and bacteria to the ABEK1-P3 filter for most tertiary applications, the A2-P3 filter for phytosanitary treatment or paint works or the AX-P2 filter against solvents and volatile organic compounds.

  • EN12942 certified high performance filters, fiberglass media and plastic casing with silicone seal
  • Filters for CleanSpace Pro: P3/HEPA, A2-P3, AX-P2, ABEK1-P3
  • Filters for CleanSpace Ultra: P3/HEPA, A2-P3, AX-P2, ABEK1-P3
  • Filters for the CleanSpace Ex (ATEX version): P3, A2-P3, ABEK1-P3 & AX-P2 (the only ATEX powered air unit on the market against VOCs)
  • Filters for the CleanSpace Halo (healthcare or food industry): P3/HEPA
Additional information

With its expertise in powered air medical devices, CleanSpace Technology specializes in providing innovative, high-performance powered air masks. With a minimalist design (no hoses or belts) and intelligent software allowing powered air ventilation activated by the wearer's breathing (AirSensit® technology), they represent a real asset in terms of safety and comfort.

The range features 4 powered air purifying devices specifically dedicated to each sector of activity: CleanSpace Pro powered air masks (tertiary sector or industrial maintenance), CleanSpace Ultra powered air masks (decontamination, level 1 asbestos), CleanSpace Ex ATEX powered air masks (heavy industry and classified sites) and CleanSpace Halo breathing masks (health sector or agri-food industry).