DUCT A ECO Fresh air respirator

The DUCT A ECO is a fresh air respirator that draws clean air through an electric motor outside the work area. It is a simple, fully self-contained process requiring no special training. It has been designed for use in environments with lack of oxygen or in confined spaces such as tanks, reservoirs, silos, wells, sewers, etc.

  • Outdoor fresh air respirator, without compressed air cylinder or breathing air compressor
  • Simple and economical solution requiring no special training or special skills
  • Air supply hose: up to 60 m for one wearer, 30 m for two wearers
  • Compatible with RD DIN 40 masks following EN 148-1
  • Approvals EN 138 : 1994 & EU regulation 2016/425
Additional information

The operating principle of the DUCT A ECO fresh air respirator is simple: clean air is taken through an electric motor outside the work area and injected into a full face respirator. It is a simple and economical solution requiring only basic training.

In fact, unlike other supplied air systems, the DUCT A ECO does not require the use of a breathing air trolley or the presence of a compressed air network. Its use offers flexibility and is particularly popular for tank cleaning operations and interventions in silos, wells, or sewers. This fresh air supply system has many advantages for any activity achieved in oxygen-poor environments.

The DUCT A ECO fresh air respirator is compatible with the TR 2002, TR82, or Promask FM3 full face masks (more convenient side fitting) and can be used by 1 or 2 operators simultaneously (with the optional "second user" kit). The 10-meter air supply hoses can go up to 60 meters for one person and 30 meters per person for two people.

The DUCT A ECO is delivered complete (electric blower, harness, manifold with valve and hoses) in the transport and storage box, and the mask is ordered separately.