HTRAM CO2 Covid sensor, indoor air quality analysis

The HTRAM CO2 sensor measures CO2 concentration, humidity and temperature in the ambient air. It continuously analyzes the indoor air quality and the risk of infectious transmission such as COVID-19 by aerosols in shared indoor spaces such as offices, meeting rooms, schools, nurseries, bars, restaurants, waiting rooms, etc.

  • CO2, humidity and temperature measurement to identify potential risk of indoor virus transmission such as COVID-19
  • Non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) CO2 sensor for accurate monitoring of carbon dioxide levels
  • Operating on battery (10 hours autonomy) or continuously (on mains)
  • Colored display of the measures: green, yellow and red easily readable
  • Ergonomic, compact and easy to use
Additional information

Resulting from Honeywell's know-how in gas detection, the HTRAM CO2 sensor is a powerful and easy to use equipment allowing to measure the concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2), the temperature and the humidity rate. In the fight against Covid-19 contamination, this device is an excellent asset and is perfectly suited for closed environments such as classrooms, meeting rooms or canteens.

The HTRAM CO2 sensor is a fixed gas detector that incorporates three pre-programmed indoor activity settings: low (movie theaters, libraries, classrooms), moderate (restaurants, offices, small clinics) and significant activity (gyms, indoor sports halls, recreation centers). It is recommended for spaces from 74 to 93 m2.

For each parameter, HTRAM provides traffic light-like indications (green, orange or red) and an audible alarm, so that users are informed of conditions that may increase the risk of viral transmission through the air they breathe, based on detectable CO2 levels.