SearchPoint Optima Plus Infrared explosive gas detector

The SearchPoint Optima Plus explosive gas detector has been specifically designed to detect hydrocarbons in certified potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX). With a fast response time and a wide range of gases available, it is particularly suitable for offshore platforms, oil and gas terminals, refineries, etc.

  • IR technology with dual 4-beam source
  • Over 100 calibration curves available (hydrocarbons, solvents, alcohols)
  • Very short response time (T50 < 3 seconds - T90 < 4 seconds)
  • Worldwide ATEX, IECEx, UL, and CSA certifications and approvals
  • Very high reliability with an MTBF of over 28 years
Additional information

Thanks to infrared detection technology, the SearchPoint Optima Plus explosive gas detector has an ultra-fast response time wth a T50 < 3 seconds and a T90 < 4 seconds for methane (CH4). In addition, the infrared detection principle allows intrinsically safe operation. With a long service life, it is immune to poisons affecting catalytic sensors and can operate in an inert atmosphere.

At the heart of the detector is a specially designed 4-channel optical block that is as stable as possible. Its built-in microprocessor processes the signal and provides the highest degree of security, and its heated optical components reduce the risk of condensation. The heavy-duty 316 stainless steel housing is IP66, and IP67 is rated against dust and water.

The SearchPoint Optima Plus has a standard 4-20mA analog linear output and an optional HART protocol. This communication protocol allows for functional testing, alarm, fault, warning simulation, and alarm configuration threshold and activation levels. In combination with the XNX universal gas transmitter, it becomes a stand-alone detector with a display and relay.

Main gases detected* : Benzene (C6H6) - Butane (C4H10) - Ethanol (C2H6O) - Ethylene (C2H4) - Explosive gas - Methane (CH4) - Pentane (C5H12) - Propane (C3H8) - Styrene (C3H8) - Toluene (C7H8)

*see the complete list of gases detected in the product sheet