XCD-RFD & XCD-RTD SensePoint Gas Transmitter

Honeywell's SensePoint XCD-RFD and XCD-RTD gas transmitters have been specifically designed for use with remote gas sensors. They can be placed up to 30 meters away from the sensor, allowing information on the presence of toxic or flammable gases to be viewed outside of hard-to-reach areas.

  • Pre-configured and configurable ATEX Ex II 2 GD Ex d IIC T6 (gas and dust) transmitter
  • Up to 30m distance from the sensor to read information beforehand
  • Compatible with catalytic, electrochemical, and infrared gas sensors
  • Backlit display, alarm relay, and 4-20 mA and MODBUS outputs
  • Better events indication with clear colour-coded display (alarms, errors, etc.)
Additional information

The SensePoint XCD-RFD and XCD-RTD gas transmitters are particularly suitable for applications requiring the sensor to be positioned at a distance from the transmitter, in areas where temperatures are significantly higher than ambient (up to 150°C) or in areas that are difficult to access. The transmitter can be installed in a suitable location, away from this area, where it can be easily accessed, viewed, and interacted with via the user interface.

  • The XCD-RFD gas transmitter has been designed for use with remote flammable gas sensors
  • The XCD-RTD gas transmitter main is also to remote toxic gases or oxygen measurement

The Honeywell Gas Transmitter's LCD shows the status of the device clearly and immediately. Green indicates normal operation, flashing yellow indicates an error and flashing red indicates an alarm condition.

The XCD-RFD and XCD-RTD gas transmitters are compatible with Honeywell Analytics' SensePoint and SignalPoint ranges or any other 4-20 mA sensor. Pre-configured for conventional use, the gas transmitters can also be programmed using the transmitter's LCD and non-intrusive magnetic switches.