IR3 FS24X Optical Flame Detector

The FS24X is a state-of-the-art, multi-spectrum IR3 (IR/IR/Visible) optical flame detector, part of Honeywell's FSX range of advanced electro-optical fire detectors. Sophisticated software algorithms and two microprocessors give it the highest fire detection performance and optimum false alarm rejection.

  • Suitable for fires involving hydrocarbons (petrol, methane gas, LPG, polypropylene), paper, wood, etc.
  • 3 to 5 seconds response time for an n-heptane fire at 30m
  • High immunity to radio or electromagnetic interference and false alarms (arc welding, solar fluctuations, heat radiation)
  • Stores pre-fire data on non-volatile Flash memory
  • FM, ATEX, and SIL2 approvals
Additional information

The FS24X optical flame detector has a detection range of over 60 meters (with a very high sensitivity setting) to detect a 0.1m2 heptane reference fire, and its cone of view is significantly higher in terms of volumetric coverage than any other multi-spectrum IR detector (110°).

Two microprocessors ensure fast and reliable measurements. The master microprocessor performs high-speed digital sampling, while the slave microprocessor handles the various sensor data such as self-diagnostics, communication with the interface, and memory for event and data log storage (FirePicâ„¢).

As a further addition to a fixed gas detection installation, the FS24X optical flame detector connects to a fire or gas detection controller. It also can be associated with many ATEX accessories (ATEX cable glands, sirens and alarms, etc.).