FS20X UV/IR Optical flame scanner

Honeywell's FS20X is an UV/IR optical flame detector. It features electro-optical technology and has been designed for various applications such as petrochemical and refinery facilities, aircraft hangars, or gas turbines. It combines a patented WideBand IR™ infrared sensor and a proven UV sensor with a sunscreen.

  • Technology suitable for hydrogen, hydrocarbon (gasoline, ethanol, methane), paper, wood fires, etc.
  • Detection range of over 60 metres with the high sensitivity setting
  • 90-degree cone of view (±45 degrees to the axis)
  • Fast response time of 3 to 5 seconds for a petrol fire
  • ATEX, IECEX II 2 GD certified and complied with EN6100-6-4 and EN50130-4
Additional information

The FS20X optical flame scanner is fitted with two microprocessors to ensure fast and reliable measurements. The master microprocessor performs high-speed digital sampling, while the slave microprocessor handles a variety of sensor data such as self-diagnostics, communication with the interface, and memory for event and data log storage (FirePic™).

As a complement to a fixed gas detection installation, it connects to a fire or gas detection controller. It can also be associated with many ATEX accessories (ATEX cable glands, sirens and alarm systems, etc.).