Fixed gas detector SensePoint XCL

Honeywell's SensePoint XCL is the ideal gas leak detector for commercial environments. It is ideally suited to areas open to the public, such as retail outlets or reception areas. A mobile application is available for setting up the device and viewing results in real-time. Gases detected include EXPLO LIE, NH3, NO2, CO2, H2, CO, O2, and H2S.

  • Outputs: analog or digital, 2 relays (option)
  • Catalytic, electrochemical or infrared sensor
  • Bluetooth connection for configuration and maintenance via smartphone
  • Several colors available
  • Operating from -20 to + 50 °C
Additional information

The Honeywell XCL fixed gas detector monitors explosive combustible gas concentrations, ammonia, nitrogen dioxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, carbon monoxide, oxygen, and hydrogen sulfide using a wide choice of catalytic, electrochemical or infrared resistant to poisons.

With its Bluetooth connection and smartphone app, the SensePoint XCL is a next-generation detector offering excellent performance and simple and intuitive operation.

The design of the XCL detector, its color choice, its discreet appearance, and its simple operation mode allow this equipment to fit perfectly into tertiary environments (especially public spaces).

Main gases detected*: Ammonia - Butane - Carbon monoxide - Combustible gas - Hydrogen - Hydrogen sulfide - Methane - Nitric oxide - Nitrogen dioxide - Oxygen - Propane

*See the complete list of gases detected in the product sheet