Blackline Safety

GazDetect is a Blackline Safety distributor, which develops a set of connected and geolocated devices and solutions for gas detection and lone worker protection, allowing them to provide a high safety level to their users.

Blackline Safety
  1. As part of lone worker protection, the G7c is a geolocated lone worker alarm system (DATI). It alerts you in the event of a fall, abnormal immobility or aggression, while communicating the precise location of the event. The push-to-talk function (optional) means you can combine an IWTD and a walkie-talkie in the same device.

    • Geolocated lone worker alarm device (DATI) for safe and effective lone worker protection.
    • Detection of falls, immobility and manual alarm triggering
    • PTT (push-to-talk) function for use as a walkie-talkie
    • GPS location updated every 5 minutes (5m accuracy)
    • Long battery life of 18h in normal use
  2. The G7c from Blackline Safety is a geolocated gas detector with an integrated lone worker alarm (IWAS) device. It is the first complete gas detection system (up to 5 gases simultaneously) that integrates 2G/3G connectivity with alarm functions with geolocation, alert (SMS, email, Talkie-Walkie.), and analysis via an archiving platform hosted on the cloud.

    • Geolocated multi-gas detector with PTI - explosive gases, Cl2, ClO2, CO, CO2, H2, H2S, HCN, NH3, O2, O3, SO2 & VOC detection
    • Full DATI (lone worker alert device) with PTT (push to talk) functionality
    • Real-time monitoring with GPS geolocation & 2G/3G connection
    • Available in broadcast mode or with a gas sampling pump
    • Very detailed analysis reports (graphs, bar graphs, alarm location, etc.

  3. The Blackline Safety G7 EXO gas detection monitor is a new generation of equipment that transmits in real-time manner positions, measurements, and alerts on a cloud control platform that relays this information to all connected operators. Detection of explosive gases, Cl2, ClO2, CO, CO2, H2, H2S, HCN, NH3, O2, O3, SO2 & VOC (volatile organic compounds).

    • Geolocalized area monitoring monitor detecting up to 5 gases simultaneously
    • Blackline Live platform for data centralization, alerts, and fleet management in real-time
    • Simultaneous detection of up to 5 gases in diffusion or pump mode
    • 4 alarm levels (TWA, STEL, low and high exceedance)
    • Battery life up to 100 days in diffusion mode

New generation lone worker protection

Blackline is developing innovative solutions for protecting lone workers. Taking advantage of the best technologies, the brand offers solutions either via a box coupled to a smartphone and a dedicated application, or via an ATEX device. These connected devices help ensure maximum safety for workers who are isolated in all situations.

Connected & geolocated gas detectors

Connected portable gas detector

Blackline Safety has developed the DATI G7c as a modular device which, using a system of interchangeable cartridges, is available as a geolocated and connected portable gas detector. The G7c gas detection version extends to a 5 gas detector and offers a PID sensor for VOC monitoring (volatile organic compounds). The Blackline Safety connectivity transmits data from each device to the Blackline Live online platform to relay alerts (accidents, dangerous gas concentrations, etc.) and optimizes devices and workers management. The G7c portable gas detector offers innovative solutions for communication between devices and/or from the online dashboard ensuring maximum performance and an unmatched safety level for workers in many industries and applications.

Connected & geolocated area gas monitor

The new G7 EXO area gas monitor also deploys Blackline Safety connectivity and thus makes it possible to detect gas concentrations over large areas while ensuring optimal connectivity with individual portable gas detectors. Like the latter, the connected area gas monitor also sends all the field information to the cloud control center in real time.

Management and online alert reception center

The 2G / 3G / 4G wireless and satellite connectivity technologies of the Blackline Safety lone worker protection and gas detection devices send field information to the Blackline Live platform in real time. The Blackline Live Cloud platform provides field teams and supervisors with valuable information to manage all alerts, be warned of accidents and dangerous gas concentrations by a system of customizable notifications on the platform, on connected devices and via different communication options (SMS, email). Following the alert, the online platform makes it possible to launch security protocols, direct emergency services and communicate with teams on the field with great efficiency. The Cloud Blackline Live dashboard listing all the information on a device is particularly useful for fleet and team management (device management, calibration, voice communication and text messages, etc.).

For a solution external to organizations and companies, Blackline Safety also provides a real-time alert monitoring service available 24 hours a day anywhere in the world. When a device triggers an alert, the Blackline Alert Reception Center immediately triggers communication with the device carrier and arrival of emergency teams.

Blackline business partnership of GazDetect

GazDetect guides you and advises you in the choice and deployment of your Blackline Safety connected equipment. Contact us to study your needs.