1. The EBA 6.5 is a high autonomy self-rescuer using compressed oxygen as a source rather than generating oxygen from chemical products. The delivery system allows the user to immediately inhale the oxygen contained in the device for 90 minutes autonomy while working and up to 8 hours at rest.

    • Self-rescue masks for emergency evacuation with high autonomy of compressed oxygen
    • Breathing air autonomy : 90 minutes while working and up to 8 hours while at rest
    • Activation / deactivation by opening a valve
    • Set-up time under 15 seconds
    • Light and handy with a weight of 4.2 kg
  2. The M20.2 self-rescue mask - well known by users who take wastewater treatment training - is the smallest and the lightest autonomous device on the market. Compact and ergonomic, it can be worn without discomfort on the belt and is popular for emergency escape in confined spaces, in sanitation and water treatment.

    • Self-rescue compressed oxygen mask for emergency evacuations in confined spaces or highly polluted environments
    • The most compact and lightest self-contained evacuation device on the market with a weight of less than 1 kg
    • Duration of use : 15 years with reconditioning every 5 years
    • Duration of use in escape / standby: 15-20 minutes / 32 minutes
    • Fast set-up time, less than 10 seconds