With its experience in gas detection and monitoring since 1909, the Bacharach company develops high performance refrigerant gas (freons) detection solutions offering unparalleled value for money.


Bacharach: refrigerant gas detection

Bacharach covers a full range of refrigerant leak detection devices: portable detectors, fixed detectors and controller units for industry or living spaces. Bacharach offers several refrigerant gas monitoring technologies ranging from semiconductor to infrared, very precise and fast technology with a ppm detection level.

Appropriate Freon gas leak detection solutions

Listening to the needs of professionals in all sectors, Bacharach offers refrigerant gas detection solutions adapted to different activity fields and industrial or tertiary applications:

  • Fixed detectors and controller units for easy deployment and safety in cold rooms, refrigeration units, refrigeration compressor units, service tunnels, and air-conditioned ventilation systems (HVAC).
  • Portable detectors for locating refrigerant leaks allowing very precise localization of freon leaks, ensuring precise equipment maintenance (industrial refrigerators, refrigerated display cases, etc.) while ensuring refrigerant gas purchase costs reduction and compliance with regulations governing freon gas.
  • Freon detector in inhabited spaces making it possible to secure areas with air conditioning systems (hotel rooms, classrooms, shops, public buildings) and to alert in case of a leak that could pose a health danger to the occupants.

Detection of NH3 and CO2 refrigerants

Bacharach equipment mainly dedicated to refrigerant gas detection includes certain more common gases in their range. The brand thus offers precise and very affordable ammonia (NH3) and carbon dioxide (CO2) detection devices.

Bacharach detectors can monitor the presence of ammonia on different measurement scales: 0-100ppm, 0-1000ppm with electrochemical sensors, or 0-10000 ppm with a semiconductor sensor. Efficient and easy to use, Bacharach's NH3 detection solutions are easily implemented in various industries.

The MGS 408 controller, MGS 410 and 450 fixed detectors make it possible to monitor carbon dioxide. With different infrared sensors available (0-5000 ppm or 0-5% vol.) These devices precisely measure the CO2 rate in ambient air. Offering excellent value for money, this equipment is perfectly suited to many applications such as winemaking for example.

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