SAMON - Refrigerant gas detectors (refrigerants)

With over 30 years of experience in refrigerant gas detection, such as HFCs, HFOs, propane, carbon dioxide (CO2), ammonia, and other similar substances, SAMON is a Swedish company specializing in manufacturing fixed refrigerant leak detectors. SAMON refrigerant detectors are perfect for controlling and monitoring air-conditioning systems, heat pumps, cold rooms, or chillers.

SAMON - Refrigerant gas detectors (refrigerants)
  1. Equipped with two alarm relays for servo-control, visual LED status indication, 4-20mA and RS485 output, the GLACIÄR MIDI refrigerant gas detector is specially designed for refrigeration applications. It covers a wide range of synthetic refrigerants such as HFO mixtures, HFC, HC, ammonia (NH3) and CO2 (carbon dioxide).

    • Over 30 refrigerant fluids detected: HFOs (R1234yf, R1234ze), HFCs (R32, R134A, R407C, R410), HCFCs (R22, R401a, R409a), HCs (R290), NH3, CO2
    • 2 alarm relays for control functions, analog output (1-5V, 0-10V, 2-10V or 4-20mA), RS485 Modbus RTU communication
    • Operates in extreme conditions (-40°C to + 50°C) and waterproof (IP67)
    • Device set-up via Bluetooth® on cell phone or switch 
    • Visual control of device status via high-intensity LEDs

Refrigerant gas detectors

SAMON offers simple, reliable solutions for detecting leaks of refrigerants (Freon) to protect the environment, people, and property. SAMON refrigerant gas detectors use a microprocessor-controlled sensor of the semiconductor type for HFC, HFO, HC, and NH3 gases and infrared for CO2 gas. They can withstand temperatures as low as -40°C and are used in stand-alone mode or connected to a control system. Depending on the application, one or more detectors can be fitted.

GazDetect - SAMON's maintenance center - offers a wide range of calibration gases in single-use disposable cylinders complying with ISO6142 standard for gas tests, periodic checks, or calibration of gas detectors.

The SAMON / GazDetect partnership

SAMON and GazDetect business partnership

GazDetect is one of SAMON's preferred partners for the supply of refrigerant gas detectors, notably the GLACIÄR MIDI stand-alone detector, equipped with two alarm relays for servo-controls (sirens and signals, solenoid valves, fans / air extractors), and an analog and digital RS485 Modbus output for connection to a gas detection control unit or a supervisory PLC.