Neofeu - fall protection systems

Founded in the 1950s, Neofeu is a French company specializing in fire-fighting equipment production. In 2018, the company joined the PMS Group, France's leading manufacturer of lifting and lashing equipment and a Personal Protective Equipment specialist. It diversifies and changes its field of activity to include protection against falls from height. Neofeu becomes one of the last independent specialists in fall protection.

Neofeu - fall protection systems

French fall protection

Quality "made in France" is the hallmark of Neofeu and is reflected in all the products manufactured by the company: safety harnesses, anchoring tripods, self-retracting cable or webbing reels, anchoring points, retaining lanyards, safety lines, energy absorbers, more.

Neofeu is present at every stage in the production chain of fall arresters for work at height, for both loads and individuals. It develops ever more innovative new and adapted products while taking into account users' needs according to their sector of activity. The company shares its knowledge by advising on the correct use and PPE maintenance.

Experienced partners complete the construction process, bringing a very high degree of technical expertise. The French PMS Group has reinforced Neofeu's international recognition, ensuring unique, high-quality expertise and exemplary professionalism from its committed, close-knit workforce. 

Neofeu has its own test center, where tests are carried out to ensure that every piece of fall protection equipment meets current safety standards. The company is ISO 9001:2015 certified and produces personal protective equipment that complies with European regulation 2016/425.

Neofeu / Gazdetect partnership

Neofeu / GazDetect partnership

Neofeu complements Gazdetect's offering with its expertise in all fall protection systems. Neofeu is a manufacturer of class 3 PPE (severe or fatal risks) based in France - a guarantee of quality and compliance with fall protection standards - which must undergo annual periodic inspection at our approved technical center.