Air Products - Calibration gas for gas detectors

Calibration of gas detection equipment is essential for personnel safety and facility protection. Air Products' Experis® calibration gas range provides certified, traceable, and stable mixtures in a wide range of packaging to perform these vital checks. The most suitable choice is the disposable cylinder, non-refillable cylinder, favored for its ease of use and portability. It allows gas tests and calibrations to be carried out in the field, workshop, and laboratory.

Air Products calibration gas

Created in 1990 from the merger of Prodair and L'Oxygène Liquide, Air Products is one of the world's leading suppliers of industrial gases. The group has approximately 17,000 employees in 50 countries who strive to make it the safest and most efficient industrial gas company worldwide, offering sustainable solutions and excellent service to all its customers.

For decades, Air Products has been active in the analysis, testing, and calibration markets. The extensive range of gas mixtures is certified and produced from various components with concentrations as low as parts per billion (ppb). It also offers stability, certification, and traceability of mixtures to meet the most demanding applications.

Calibration gas for gas detector calibration

For maintenance and calibration of fixed gas sensors and portable gas detectors and other instruments such as chromatographs, combustion analyzers, portable breathalyzers, alcohol ignition interlock devices (EADs), or modified atmosphere packaging (MAPs), we offer a wide range of calibration gases in disposable calibration gas cylinders. With a large stock available immediately, we work with most players of these respective sectors.

The available offer covers a complete range from simple binary LEL mixtures for explosive gases to complex and multiple mixtures used in laboratories with very low concentration levels (a few ppb). These calibration gases are mixed with gravimetry by the ISO6142 standard, which allows for very high concentration accuracy and optimal shelf life.

Air Products' expertise enables us to offer perfectly adapted solutions with a wide range of calibration gas mixtures and high-purity gas packaged in non-refillable cylinders (instead of refillable cylinders) with capacities ranging from 12 liters to 110 liters (the largest capacity on the market).

Accessories for calibration gas cylinders

In addition to our wide range of calibration gas cylinders, many gas processing equipment is also available such as manual or automatic flow regulators (for calibration station), with basic or specific coating for corrosive gases such as ammonia or chlorine.

To comply with the current European legislation, disposable cylinder recycling tools are also available for venting pressure vessels. Finally, flexible or rigid carrying bags are also available for the cylinders' transportation safety.

Disposable calibration gas cylinders

In the European Union, pierced single-use pressure vessels can be recycled as non-hazardous products through normal waste recycling channels. In addition to its wide range of gas processing accessories, Air Products offers recycling tools for calibration gas cylinder scrapping.

The Air Products / GazDetect partnership

Air Products is a privileged partner of GazDetect for its very wide range of calibration gases, its technical expertise, and its ability to manufacture custom gas mixtures. At the same time, we stock a large number of calibration gas cylinders - including mixtures with short stability periods - to meet an increasingly demanding demand for availability!

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