PSS Airboss self-contained breathing apparatus for firefighters

With its unmatched ergonomics, the PSS Airboss is the lightest and most comfortable self-contained breathing apparatus for firefighters on the market. Key features include the height adjustment, pivoting and sliding waist belt, easily adjustable harness to fit the user regardless of size, and an unmatched level of connectivity and critical information.

  • Open-circuit self-contained breathing apparatus (ARICO) for professional firefighters combining ergonomics, comfort and connectivity
  • Adjustable height harness, pivoting and sliding belt for adjustment to any size wearer
  • Smart sensors for monitoring cylinders pressure, operator movements, heat exposure, etc
  • Integrated anti-tangle system, extraction and rescue handles
  • Available with three different monitoring systems: PSS Airboss Active, Agile & Connect
Additional information

Based on the experience of firefighters around the world and the latest technological innovations, the Dräger PSS Airboss is an exceptional SCBA that reduces stress and fatigue and thus air consumption. Ergonomic and practical, the demand valve, pressure gauge and emergency hoses can be carried over the left or right shoulder and at waist level, depending on the user's preference. This greatly improves safety, especially when accessing and working in confined spaces.

The easy-to-connect regulator handwheel simplifies cylinder removal and installation. In addition, the QC quick connect option minimizes cylinder replacement time. The universal cylinder strap allows single or dual cylinder configurations.

The PSS AirBoss Firefighter self-contained breathing apparatus has large reflective strips that enhance firefighter visibility and make it easier to locate team members in danger. For additional safety, it can be equipped with a lone worker alert device (PASS). This electronic alarm unit draws attention to firefighters in danger by generating distinctive visual and audible alarms in the event of immobility, low air level, high heat stress or manual distress signal activation.

The Dräger FireGround Automatic Management/Control System, designed to transmit vital information in real time, provides the supervisor with live information on SCBA users and ensures that no one is missing. This benefit greatly enhances overall safety and reassures the team during an intervention.