PSS 4000 Firefighter SCBA - Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus Dräger

The Dräger PSS 4000 firefighter SCBA is one of the lightest self-contained breathing apparatuses for firefighters. It combines comfort and outstanding pneumatic performance and has been manufactured for situations requiring simplicity and ease of use. Ultra-light but robust and easy to fit, it offers exceptional respiratory protection.

  • High-performance open-circuit self-contained breathing apparatus (OC-SCBA) for professional firefighter use
  • Ultra-light composite construction with high thermal, chemical, and impact resistance
  • High-tech, comfortable, chemical-resistant padding
  • Hoses integrated into the back support to limit the risk of snagging
  • Wide range of possible configurations
Additional information

Lightweight but very robust yet, the PSS 4000 Firefighter SCBA is a very easy-to-use open-circuit SCBA. It is equipped with an ultra-light, high-strength composite structure, which offers outstanding thermal, chemical, and impact resistance properties. The fireproof harness with quick adjustment and simple pull-forward mechanism ensures quick and easy adjustment.

The air supply and pressure gauge hoses are integrated into the back plate to reduce the space requirement and thus reduce the risk of strangulation and snagging. Safety is significantly improved, especially when working in confined spaces. Hoses can be rerouted from one side to the other to suit individual user preferences.

This firefighter SCBA is also manufactured to be easily disassembled to provide quick and easy maintenance. Its unique design makes it easy to clean without excessive water absorption reducing cleaning and drying time.

The PSS 4000 SCBA is also compatible with a full range of accessories and options such as: a "heads-up" pressure gauge display, lone worker alarm (PASS), steel or carbon composite compressed air cylinders, a wide range of demand valves, secondary supply connections, dual cylinder configuration and more...

Firefighter SCBAs are class 3 PPE (personal protective equipment). They are required to undergo an annual periodic check like all class 3 PPE. It is the firefighter gear par excellence for interventions in non-breathable, oxygen-poor, toxic, and asphyxiating environments.

Any person who has to wear a self-contained breathing apparatus as part of his (her) professional activity must first have received training in the wearing and use of SCBAs: article R4323-104, decree 2008-204 of 7 March 2008 on the use of personal protective equipment.