Complete SCBA kit (Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus EN137:2006 type 1)

The RN/A 1603 is a complete SCBA kit composed of a light and comfortable harness, a full face mask, and a 6 liters compressed air cylinder at 300 bar (1800 liters of breathable air), all stored in a sturdy case for transport and storage. It is a self-contained breathing apparatus combining a high respiratory protection level with economical and handy equipment.

  • EN 137:2006 Type 1 compliant SCBA, delivered complete in a transport and storage case
  • Polypropylene backrest, harness with padding, and self-extinguishing straps with elastomer foam
  • Very comfortable EPDM rubber mask, panoramic polycarbonate lens with a large field of view
  • Hose and pressure gauge integrated into the harness
  • Excellent quality/price ratio
Additional information

Certified Type 1 according to the EN 137:2006 standard for self-contained open-circuit breathing apparatus, the complete SCBA kit features a lightweight and robust thermoformed polypropylene backrest. The back support strap is padded for comfort, and especially designed handles allow easy handling and donning of the SCBA.

The respirator is EN 136 Class 3 approved with a DIN Rd40 EN 148-1 threaded connection. It is made of EPDM rubber with a panoramic polycarbonate lens with a large field of vision. Following EN 144-1 standard, the compressed air cylinder is steel-manufactured with an autonomy of 1800 liters of breathable air.

The self-contained breathing apparatuses are class 3 personal protective equipment. They are subject to a periodic annual inspection like all class 3 PPE. In addition, any person who has to wear one as part of his (or her) professional activity must first have received training in the wearing and use of SCBAs: article R4323-104, decree 2008-204 of 7 March 2008 on the use of personal protective equipment.