PAS Micro Short duration SCBA - Self-contained Breathing Apparatus

The SCBA PAS Micro is intended for use with 2 or 3-liter cylinders. The small and light cylinders are attached to the back support so that the user does not have to carry any extra load during the operation. Lightweight, comfortable, and easy to use, it is especially suitable for short interventions or emergency escapes.

  • Insulating breathing apparatus for short interventions or emergency evacuations
  • Ergonomic design with a back shape offering a great comfort. Anti-static material for better flexibility and resistance
  • Easy reading at the hip, precise pressure gauge integrated into the belt
  • Hose and regulator incorporated into the back support
  • Possibility to attach the breathing apparatus to an external air supply
Additional information

The PAS Micro self-contained breathing apparatus is very light (2 kg) and has been designed for short interventions. Composed of a harness, a belt, and back support, this short-duration SCBA has been engineered to optimize the comfort of its user. Manufactured with flexible, robust, and anti-static materials, it adapts perfectly to all morphologies.

The short duration SCBA PAS Micro has been conceived for use with two or 3-liter aluminum, steel, or composite compressed air cylinders at 200 or 300 bar. Small and light, they are fixed on the back support so as not to cause any additional load to the user during his intervention. The wearer will be able to check the pressure of the cylinder at any time, thanks to a precise pressure gauge integrated into the belt for easy reading at the hip.

Initially designed for using it with a compressed air cylinder, this short-duration self-contained breathing apparatus can be used with a supplied air connection. An optional automatic changeover switch (SOV) allows easy and automatic changeover from external to cylinder supply (breathing air trolley).

The hose and regulator are integrated into the back support, reducing the risk of snagging during use. Thanks to its abrasion and heat resistance high level, this new harness meets the requirements for flame and heat resistance according to EN 137 standard. Economical and practical, the PAS Micro harness is machine washable and easy to maintain.

The SCBA PAS Micro is compatible with Panorama Nova masks and the FPS7000 range of full-face respirators. These devices feature large visors that allow the wearer to have a wide, unobstructed field of vision to facilitate intervention.

Like conventional open-circuit SCBAs, short-duration SCBAs are Class 3 personal protective equipment. Therefore, they require annual periodic checkings like all class 3 PPE.