PSS 3000 open-circuit breathing apparatus (OC-SCBA)

The PSS 3000 is a high performance self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) for firefighters. Combining great comfort with exceptional pneumatic performance, it is designed for applications requiring both simplicity and ease of use. Lightweight, highly resistant and easy to put on, this sophisticated breathing apparatus offers reliable protection.

  • High performances self-contained breathing apparatus (OC-SCBA) for firefighters and people working in fiery environment
  • High technology protective harness resistant to tears and abrasion, durable bib
  • Lightweight, shock-resistant and antistatic frame, strong and fireproof strap
  • Impact resistant rubber protection of the manometer
  • Large choice of possible configurations
Additional information

The Dräger PSS 3000 is one of the lightest open-circuit breathing apparatus on the market. Very solid, the carrying device has a reinforced structure made of ultra-light carbon composite, which offers remarkable thermal, chemical and impact resistant properties. Made of chemical and abrasion resistant materials, it also fulfills the requirements of NF EN 137:2006 Type 2 in terms of heat and flame (firefighting gear).

The harness, the key part of the SCBA, has been designed to perfectly fit the body shape of the user in order to reduce back pressure, tiredness and stress. Highly resistant, this harness incorporates light and fireproof buckles and adjustment straps, which are resistant to wear and tear as well as rubber protections against shocks and impacts.

Quick and easy to maintain, the PSS 3000 open-circuit breathing apparatus has several unique design features that minimize downtime, and therefore costs, during maintenance. All major components are easy and quick to remove and reinstall. The harness is attached to the back plate with a one-piece attachment.

The PSS 3000 self-contained breathing apparatus is available with a large range of respiratory protection accessories such as the FPS 7000 panoramic mask which offers comfort and an optimal visual field, compressed air cylinders equipped with EN type valves, a rotating demand valve that adapts to the user's movements or the Bodyguard 1000, a lone worker alert device also known as “man down” detector.

Any person who has to wear a self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) in the workplace must first have received training in the use of SCBAs (article R4323-104, decree 2008-204 of March 7, 2008). These are class 3 personal protective equipment requiring an annual periodic control.