R-PAS complete SCBA kit

Especially designed for industrial applications, the R-PAS kit breathing apparatus combines reliability, performance and comfort of use. Composed of a complete mask, a compressed air cylinder, a fireproof harness and a new generation pneumatic system, the R-PAS kit is delivered in its transport and storage case.

  • High performance breathing apparatus delivered in a transport and storage case
  • High security level : conforms to EN 137 2006 Type 2, MED and SOLAS II-2
  • Fireproof and chemical resistant harness
  • Supply hoses and manometer integrated into the harness
  • Panoramic mask with wide visual field
Additional information

With a tested design and pneumatic qualities identical to those of professional firefighters' breathing apparatus, the R-PAS kit breathing apparatus guarantees reliability and performance over time, while requiring minimal maintenance. It is delivered in its high visibility orange transport and storage case.

Particularly light and multifunctional, this Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) is an ideal solution in the presence of toxic gases or in oxygen-deficient environments. The R-PAS kit complies with the EN 137-2 standard and is also recommended for use in fire situations. It’s therefore very popular with firefighters.

The harness is light and easy to wear. It is equipped with a factory preset regulator and a demand valve. Its lightweight buckles, adjustable straps and rubberized fabric are fireproof and highly resistant to chemicals, making it especially suited for the most hostile environments.

The SCBA mask included in the R-PAS kit is made of elastomer for ease of fit and adaptation to all face shapes. With its double seal and 180° visor, this respirator offers extraordinary comfort and a wide, undistorted field of vision for excellent peripheral vision. The mask is delivered in a bag protecting it from shocks during transportation in the suitcase.

The compressed air cylinder is lightweight and robust. Fabricated in lightened steel, it is equipped with an EN type valve. Its

capacity of 6 liters at 300 bars offers a duration of use of approximately 40 minutes for any intervention. The high visibility orange suitcase is specially conceived to transport the complete R-PAS kit including the connected and ready-to-use cylinder.

The SCBA are class 3 industrial protection equipment. They are therefore submitted to an annual periodic control like all class 3 PPE.

Any person who has to wear a self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) in the context of his or her professional activity must first have received training in the wearing and use of SCBAs: article R4323-104, decree 2008-204 of March 7, 2008 on the use of personal protective equipment.