Class 3 PPE

PPE class 3 (or category 3) corresponds to personal protective equipment that protects against serious or fatal risks. They include respiratory protection equipment (gas masks, powered air purifying respirators, self rescue masks, etc.), chemical protective clothing and fall protection (safety harnesses, fall arresters, self-retracting retractors with strap or cable, safety tripods, etc.).

Air purifying respirator 

air purifying respirator

In this section you will find all our air purifying respirator equipment: half-masks, full-face masks, powered air purifying devices (masks and hoods). In addition, a whole range of filter cartridges, from simple particle filters for dusts and aerosols to combined filters (gas and particles), which are very popular in industry.

See the categories Gas masks, powered air purifying equipment

Protective Respiratory Equipment

Insulating breathing protection

Expert in respiratory protection and class 3 PPE, find in this section all our equipment for protective respiratory equipment such as open-circuit SCBAs, air-supply respirators, breathing air trolleys, rescue or evacuation SCBAs or self-rescuing masks (insulating escape masks).

See the categories Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus, Air Purifying Systems, Self-Rescuing Masks and Emergency SCBAs 

Hazmat suits and chemical protective clothing  

hazmat suits PPE

Chemical protection suits (or Hazmat suits) are class 3 PPE. They are recommended for the protection of workers against hazardous substances in various forms (gases, liquid splashes, aerosols, biological or bacteriological substances, solid or radioactive particles). 

See the category Chemical protective clothing 

Fall protection, safety harness

fall harness protection PPE

A fall protection device is mandatory when there is a risk of falling from a height. Many fields have to deal with these risks: construction, public works or interventions on pylons or wind turbines. The water and sanitation sector also requires fall protection equipment for interventions in confined spaces with the CATEC system. 

See the category Fall Protection 

Extractor fans for confined spaces

PPE extractors

The air extractor fan - also called COBRA fan - is an essential piece of equipment to intervene in confined spaces (totally or partially closed areas) with specific risks of asphyxiation, intoxication, fire and explosion. The air extractor fan is part of the equipment that must be installed to intervene in complete safety.

See category Fans / air extractors for confined spaces