RC 2603 Mobile breathing air unit for air supply

The RC 2603 Mobile Breathing Air Unit is used in conjunction with a supplied air system for long-term maintenance work. They are fitted in chemical facilities, contaminated areas, where there is or could be an oxygen deficiency, or where the size of the cylinder on the operator's shoulders limits the access or movement.

  • Mobile breathing air unit for air supply systems with 2 x 6 liter compressed air cylinders
  • Ideal solution for long-term operations (tank cleaning)
  • Hose reel with a length of 50 meters
  • Compatible with 6 to 9-liter cylinders at 200 or 300 bar
  • Robust and reliable stainless steel construction
Additional information

The Spasciani RC 2603 mobile breathing air unit is mounted on a cart that features two rubber wheels, a reel with a supply hose, a pressure regulator type RB that maintains a constant output pressure, a quick coupling for a second operator, and two 6 liters 300 bar steel cylinders with EN 144 valve.

Up to two hoses can be connected to the mobile breathing air unit RC 2603. As the first one is on the reel, the other is directly attached to the quick coupling on the regulator. A belt with a carabiner supports the hoses the user wears around his waist. The high-pressure hoses to connect the cylinders to the regulator are equipped with valves to allow changing the cylinders when the system is in use.