PAS AirPack 1 Breathing air trolley for supplied air systems

Designed to carry up to four compressed air cylinders, the PAS AirPack 1 breathing air trolley is the ideal and convenient solution for any operator who needs to use a supplied air device during extended period while keeping a high degree of mobility. Its robust material allows it to be used in difficult environments.

  • 2 or 4-cylinder breathing air trolley for supplied air systems for one or two users
  • Ideal solution for long-term operations (tank cleaning)
  • Compatible with 6 to 9-liter cylinders at 200 or 300 bar
  • Made of steel with an anti-static epoxy coating
  • Hose reel with brake mechanism
Additional information

Compact and mobile PAS AirPack 1 breathing air trolley for air systems can carry up to four compressed air cylinders with the Quad Pack option. It is made of steel with a zinc pre-treatment for optimal corrosion protection and treated with an anti-static epoxy coating.

It can withstand extreme operating conditions with a use temperature range of -32 to +70°C. Its fixed axle frame with two wheels allows it to be easily mobile to meet the expectations of its user. It is ideally suitable for tank cleaning for applications of cleaning tanks, reservoirs, or some operations requiring the wearing of a breathable air supply system.

The Dräger PAS AirPack 1 air trolley gets the tried, tested, and internationally recognized pneumatic system used in the PSS 3000, PSS 4000, and PSS AirBoss breathing apparatus. The system includes a safety device, a pressure reducer, and a pressure relief valve. The entire system is protected against impact by a protective plate for added safety.