NF EN 12021 : Breathing air quality for respirators

The French standard EN 12021 is set for air quality control for breathing apparatus.

NF EN 12021 : Breathing air quality for respirators

The NF EN 12021 standard specifies the requirements for the quality of compressed air intended for breathing purposes, such as supplied air respirator systems or self-contained breathing apparatus. It does not apply to compressed gases for medical or aerospace applications.

In industry, as soon as staff gets respiratory protective devices (masks, hoods, suits, etc.) supplied by a compressed air network or a breathing air trolley, the limit values imposed by this standard must be respected.

The NF EN 12021 standard governs the analysis and control of some parameters such as carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), oxygen content (O2), hygrometry (water content in the breathing air), oil vapors (volatile organic compounds) and impurities (dust).

Oxygen 21% (+/- 1%)
Impurities < national exposure limit
Lubricants 0.5 mg/m³
Smell and taste Absent
Carbon dioxide CO2 500 ppm
Carbon monoxide CO 5 ppm
Water content (*) Dew point < 5°C at the lowest expected ambient temperature

(*) There must be no liquid water present and no risk of frost. If the conditions of use are unknown, the dew point of the installation must not exceed -11°C.