Dräger smoke tubes airflow detector

Dräger smoke tubes are used as airflow detectors. They allow to bring to light a leak of air and help to observe its point of origin, to know its speed and its direction. We use a rubber bulb to push air through the tube, creating a white smoke that is carried by any existing airflow and visible to the naked eye.

  • Complete airflow detector kit: a storage case, suction bulb, plugs, and ten smoke tubes
  • Quick identification of airflows by white smoke
  • Ergonomic design and easy-to-use device
  • Reclosable smoke tube for further use
  • Universal use
Additional information

In many areas, the slightest airflow detection is necessary to quickly and reliably assess the possible spread of hazardous substances or identify air movements simply. This smoke tube system makes the source, direction, and speed of any air movement visible.

Use: Open the top of the smoke tube and insert it into the bulb. Place the end of the item facing the suspected leak and pump with the rubber bulb. The tube will release white smoke carried by the airflow. If the test is over before the smoke disappears, close it with the rubber stoppers (supplied).