Dräger X-act 7000 ppb gas analyzer

The Dräger X-act 7000 is a highly accurate optoelectronic gas analyzer that measures low gas concentrations (in ppb) via a new reactive micro-tube technology. It is particularly suitable to measure benzene, butadiene, formaldehyde, hydrocarbons, mercury, ethylene oxide, hydrogen sulfide, toluene, or xylene.

  • Analyseur de substances toxiques et/ou cancérigènes en ppb avec des résultats d’analyse immédiats, dignes des tests en laboratoire
  • Temps de test : de 5 secondes à 1200 secondes selon les micro-tubes utilisés et la plage de mesure de la substance
  • Affichage directe de la mesure sur écran couleur LCD 2.4’’
  • Autonomie d'environ 600 minutes de temps de test
  • Certifié ATEX / IECEx zone 0
Additional information

The X-act 7000 gas analyzer is an innovative analysis system consisting of Dräger micro-tubes and an optoelectronic analysis device for precise gas measurement in the ppb range. An RFID chip on the micro-tubes informs the device about the parameters of the measure, and the device is immediately ready to operate.

The measurement is carried out by pressing a button until green LED light appears to indicate the end. The device's screen display then the results.

The measures taken can be saved (with time and location) in the device's memory and exported to a computer.
An adapter allows the Dräger X-am pump to be connected to the X-act 7000 gas analyzer for gas sampling up to 45 meters. The device can be used in ATEX areas and offers up to 600 minutes of test time. It is unique on the market, ultra-precise, and very efficient.

Main gases detected* : Ammonia (NH3) - Benzene (C6H6) - Carbon dioxide (CO2) - Carbon monoxide (CO) - Formaldehyde (CH2O) - Hydrogen chloride (HCl) - Hydrogen cyanide (HCN) - Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) - Mercury (Hg) - Ethylene oxide (ETO) - Sulfur dioxide (SO2) - Toluene (C7H8)

* See the complete list of gases detected in the product sheet