Dräger Simultaneous Test Kits, semi-quantitative measurement by reagent tubes

The Dräger Simultaneous Test Kits (semi-quantitative measurement with test tubes) are used to measure decomposition, fumigation, or fire gases for a quick hazard assessment. They consist of 5 reagent tubes parallelly arranged in a rubber sleeve and operate with the Accuro manual sampling pump.

  • Reliable measurements for different families of organic and inorganic gases from the fire, fumigation, or decomposition
  • Simultaneous measurement of 5 gases by colorimetric reagent tubes with direct reading on the tubes
  • Works in combination with the Accuro hand pump
  • Fast and reliable results
Additional information

Easy-to-use Dräger simultaneous test kits set the standard for hazard identification and allow the rapid measurement of gases at hazardous concentration levels. The five tubes simultaneously analyze the sampled air. The measurement results are read off the tubes with the indication from "safe" to "extremely hazardous".

The Dräger simultaneous test Kits are used for hazard evaluation to obtain information about health risks and potential poisoning hazards. The fire departments often use them to warn of any gas hazards after a disaster or to check the use of fumigant products when opening containers, and if so, which ones.