Pyrotec tubes - Freon & anesthetic gas detection

In association with a pyrolyzer and the Gastec pump, the Pyrotec tubes accurately measure the gas concentrations of many substances: refrigerant gases (R11, R12, R22, R112, R113, R114, R123, R124, R141B, R225); halogenated hydrocarbons (Acetonitrile, Halothane, Methyl chloride; Methylene chloride, Methyl sulfide), nitro kerosenes, and anesthetics gases.

  • Gastec Pyrotec tubes for spot measurement of refrigerant gases, halogenated hydrocarbons, and some anesthetic gases
  • In combination with the battery-operated Pyrotec 840 Pyrolyzer and the Gastec GV-100 and GV-110S manual sampling pumps
  • Simple, economical, and accurate measurement in a few minutes
  • Filament lifetime: approx. 1000 measurements of 20 ppm
  • Simple, fast, and economical measurement method
Additional information

The gas sample enters the Pyrotec 840 pyrolyzer via the Gastec suction pump and decomposes itself (or "cracked") thermally into a substance reacting chemically with the reagent in the Pyrotec tube (colorimetric reagent tube). This is a simple and economical method of measuring certain freons and anesthetic gases.